Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ejecting My Rage from McCain's W-esque Schoolyard Bully Maneuver

Here's something I just wrote to a Republican I know:

I'm totally enraged by this reckless, unilateral move by McCain, and I can't understand how anyone could support a candidate who:
  • Is trying to bully the political process; this is tyrannical (do we really need 4 more years of Give-me-your-lunch-money carelessness and recklessness?)
  • Is trying to exploit the economic struggle to disrupt the political process - this is "un-American" to use a favorite pejorative label from the right
  • Hides his running mate from the press - some are calling this sexist; stop treating Palin like a delicate flower and put her out for the press like the Moose-hunting bad-ass you're painting her to be
  • Hides himself from the press - what happened to the Straight-Talk Express? Suspended? Oh, that's convenient.
  • Can't do two things at once - shit, most of you Republicans do more things during your commute to work than some do all day. As masters of multitasking, don't you think the President should be able to as well?
  • Is basically trying to extort/bribe, whatever you wanna call it, Congress so that a deal can go through. I mean, is $700 Billion the type of chump change we need to rush by Friday? And, is McCain really necessary for this thing to go through? Seems like rushing this amount of money is not the right idea, but that's just me. I'd prefer we are confident in the plan, not appeasing the whims of a bullying political candidate.
McCain and Palin are scary. McCain, once an honorable war hero, is now just an honorable war hero turned dishonorable politician. Palin is attractive as a candidate, but only physically.

Also, I have a huge problem with terms like: liberal media, biased press, etc. This is all bullshit. To label the media, as a whole, as "liberal," or "biased," is as nuts as saying all Jews are cheap, all Kentuckians are rednecks, all Catholics blame the Jews for killing Jesus, all Muslims are terrorists, all Mexicans in America are illegal, all African-Americans want black power, all white people want white power and love NASCAR.

Right now, and this might sound crazy, but I'm wondering if I should be as offended by the stereotype of journalists as I am at any derogatory racial or religious epithet. (and think about it, journalists have been grilled for the last 8 years of not busting balls over 9/11, Iraq, the Bush Administration, and other topics; seems like they're finally trying to hit back and now everyone right of center calls them biased... F That!)

So, why doesn't your side take the time to actually read a variety of sources, judge each article or author on its/their merits, instead of just doing the simple-minded thing of calling them all liberal and discarding them? It's called lazy narrow-mindedness.

The media is finally doing its job.

Finally, I am nauseous at the idea that half of the votes in America are from dumbed-down lack of thinking. I can't tell you how many of my Republican friends (yes, I have a few) think that Obama plans to raise their taxes. Also, these friends say they don't want Obama, a Democrat, to make the government bigger. Crap, the government and government spending grew ridiculously under George W. Bush in the last 8 years. And, I have the feeling that Obama's planned spending would help improve infrastructure, schools, and other sectors of our economy that will create good jobs, and not those jobs that take place in Baghdhad or Kabul - when getting your leg blown off by an IED is part of the job description, that's not a good job for an American.

We need some brains in that White House and John "I don't send email yet I invented the Blackberry" McCain and Sarah "I can see Russia from a mountain in Alaska so I have foreign policy experience" Palin don't cut it, by a long shot!

Going to blow chunks now...

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Operation: Sarracuda said...

wow. I felt my blood pressure rising just reading that.