Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How To Prepare For The Veep Debate

Beauty Pageant Interview Preparation Tips

The pageant interview is arguably the most important part of your competition. Your poise under pressure, personality, and intelligence will be immediately evaluated. Whether you are competing in the Miss America or Miss Universe circuits, it cannot be emphasized how crucial it is to master the interview.

This goes without saying: know your current events! Study up and have opinions. Read, read, read, and then discuss with family and friends.
Interview various people in your community. "Pick their brains" for information and ideas. Ask what they think about current affairs and take notes. They can give you invaluable knowledge and fresh points of view. University professors and government officials are great sources and are often willing to give a half hour of their time.

Listen to talk radio in your car and in your spare time. Watch "Oprah" and "The View," even celebrity interviews on late night shows. What points of view are expressed? How are they spoken? What body language do you see? STUDY it out! Who do you respond the most to, and why?

"To thine own self be true." Always, always, be yourself. Above all, the interview is a chance to be passionate, informed, and genuine. Everyone can sense when you are not. Do not make up things you don't know. Be candid, show consistency in thought and variety of expression.


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