Friday, September 26, 2008

When I heard Obama say "suitcase,"

I hope he didn't mean "suitcase nuke." That's the stuff of fantasy novels. Now... conventional bombs or dirty bombs or some kind of chemical attack....

Now, McCain saying that the chances of a 9/11 happening today is much less than it was the day after 9/11, that's a ridiculous statement. It could be said that paranoia and chaos is much less than the day after that tragic day, but to say the chances of such an attack are less is ridiculous. The Nani thinks the chances are no greater nor less. They are always the same. (I have the terror of kudzu growing in my backyard. I could build a fence, spray some crap on it, pull it from the branches of trees, whatever; but until I go to the root, and yank that shit out, it will find a way to grow. Terrorism is the same, but to uproot it is to basically rid the world of evil, which, umm, is pretty impossibly, so I think talking about terrorism is a waste. The chances of anyone dying from terrorism are far less than dying at the hands of shitty economy. [rant to be continued])

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