Monday, November 10, 2008

Barack Obama Appoints Nani J. Cootsack to Head Blogging Relations Committee, Continue Leadership of TTT

In what was no surprise to the international blogosphere, President-Elect Barack Obama today appointed Nani J. Cootsack to head-up his committee on Blogging Relations. Cootsack, who many argue to be one of the premier bloggers of senseless information and trivial minutiae, is said to possess the right frame of absent-mindedness needed to unite the aloof realm of blogging psychotics.

Reached for comment, Cootsack said his first goal as committee chair would be to bring together the Cat Fancy crowd with its hated rivals over at I Hate Kittens. "Personally, I fucking hate cats, kittens, and any other feline, and this definitely includes the Cincinnati Bengals who I'm currently boycotting," stated Cootsack, "but I just can't bear to witness the single greatest nation God ever gave man on this Earth divided over these insignificant, boring creatures."

"Change starts now," added Cootsack.

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