Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Many McCain supporters believe this is the "end of America as we know it..."

Along with, "this is another 9/11," on NPR's Morning Edition this morning, I heard a female supporter of McCain lamenting the election loss as the "end of America as we know it."

At first, I laughed out loud at how preposterous the notion was, thinking that she probably, like Sarah Palin, believes she'll see Jesus in her lifetime.

But the more I thought about it, I realized she might be right, and that made me happy.

It will, hopefully, be the end of the America that we've come to know for the following:
  • An America whose president not only fails to defend and uphold the Constitution but willingly violates it himself
  • An America whose government enters into wars under shadowy pretexts
  • An America whose government spies on its own citizens and detains them illegally
  • An America whose government supported torture of enemy combatants and which broke from the Geneva Convention
  • An America whose government told us to be vigilant and scared us with color-coded terrorist threat levels, yet told us to go to Disney World or to go shopping and have a good time
  • An America whose leaders deride homosexuals or prostitutes and then get caught in airport bathrooms soliciting BJs or found to be high-paying clients of female "escorts"
  • An America whose government is so spaghettied and focused on the "war on terror" and putting "freedom on the march" that they couldn't respond to Katrina properly, or keep up with the nation's infrastructure like in Minneapolis/St. Paul, or protect us against the current economic crisis
  • An America whose ruling party for 8 years (or 6 of 8 years) found its strength in divisive issues, which they relabel "Family Values," rather than protecting all families with prudent foresight of the real dangers that lurk, like the housing crisis.
  • An America whose people lived in fear of their own neighbors because they'd been conditioned to believe that they should be suspicious of Muslims, Mexicans, socialists, communists, gays, blacks, illegals, environmentalists, etc...
Fuck, I could go on but I have to work. But could you imagine if we'd have ended up with the candidate Ashley Todd wanted? The fear and hysteria on the right is deep and troubling. Thank God we are beginning to turn our back on it.

Anyway, I thought about it, and after hearing this woman on NPR, I thought, "I hope this idiot is right. I hope it is the 'end of America as we know it.'"

Well, at least the end as she and her remaining Bush 28% know it, because that America was depressing, divisive and made people psychotic.

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