Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama, if president, "will take away summer."

According to a classmate of my 7-year old, likely the one who said that Obama wanted women "to not have babies," Barack Obama wants to "take away summer" and will do so if elected president today. Upon further questioning of my child, this student purportedly does not claim that Obama would heroically halt global warming or cause the Earth's northern hemisphere to permanantly away from the sun, nor would he magically cause "change we can freeze in" to the warmest season when Americans normally enjoy swimming pools and trips to the beach; rather Barack Obama will, according to the sage learnings of a 7-year old spawn of a McCain supporter, legislate the end of summer vacation cherished by school-aged kids nationwide.
A Georgia Tech freshman, who ostenibly hates summer and the BBQs, fireworks, and fun that go with it, laughs at the idea that she'll never experience free-time again during her college years. (Courtesy AJC.com)

So, any of you fence-sitters who have yet to visit the polls at this 11th hour, be advised. A vote for Obama is a vote against summertime, and a vote against summertime is a vote against JTMs, the WEBN Fireworks, Graeter's ice cream, Hudy Delight delicious lager, Reds baseball, Devou Park and good-old good times. And we all know that it takes all these things to make babies, so a vote for Obama is also, clearly, a vote against babies.

Wow, Obama really doesn't want women to have babies. Clearly.

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