Friday, November 21, 2008

Jesse Jackson wanted for questioning in disappearance of Marvin Lewis' Balls [alternate headline: Bengals Fire Marvin Lewis, Reds Sign Rafael Furcal]

Can you imagine Thanksgiving in Cincinnati if that was the Enquirer's headline early next week (the latter - the former would be weird as hell though)?

Kicking a field goal last night while down 13 with 6 minutes left against the Steelers, with the ball inside the 10-yard line, was absolutely inexcusable. Marvin Lewis should be fired. As our friend C. Trent Rosecrans puts it:
So, Marvin Lewis is talking at 2 and maybe he'll make more sense today than he did last night. It was like he was shell-shocked last night and making zero sense. Really, the only thing he can say about the field goal is 'yeah, I f'd up.'
On the bright side, the Reds are currently tied for the lead in the NL Central. Hopefully, they'll grow the pair that Lewis is currently without and sign Furcal, or some other playmaker.

I know I'm dreaming, and while the Naniette is fond to remind that "it's free to dream," I am not sure this is exactly true; I seem to always pay a severe emotional debt for my Cincinnati sports dreams.

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