Saturday, November 15, 2008

Strange prematch ritual for Wayne Rooney...

In a recent interview with, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney revealed a weird pre-game ritual:
Rooney also went on to mention he has a bizarre pre-match ritual, and that prior to the Celtic game, he will go through the same motions:

"I put my socks on in someone else’s seat. I never put them on in my own seat," he declared.
Rooney apparently has a post-goal ritual, too: measuring the cup-size of his teammates. In this case it appears Dimitar Berbatov is the lucky lad.

The peak into this oddity made me wonder about others' rituals. The TTT is curious about your pre-game rituals, no matter what your game is. Let's find out which reader can rival Rooney, or worse.

Nani himself turns on the seat warmer in his car on the way to the game, no matter what the temperature is. Nani thinks this warms his muscles enough that he doesn't really need to warm up. Despite going to such great lengths to stay fit, Nani has recently been experiencing hamstring trouble. What gives?!

Anyone else?


shamus o'toole said...

Rumor had it that 80's soccer legend Ian Rush would "choke the chicken" the morning before a game. As for myself.....I would eat a milky way an hour before a game and then right before kick off drink a pint of water. Now i'm like you with the seat warmers.

Breaking News from saturday night - Hot Rod has agreed to play in a christmas futsal tournament!!!

Nani J. Cootsack said...

Ian Rush also had the habit of wearing a mustache.

Speaking of sweet mustaches, wow, I haven't seen Hot Rod on the pitch since 1993, possibly early 1994. The Rod has a nasty left foot, as I recall. Seriously, nasty. Don't let him take off his boot.