Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 66

This is absolutely unforking believable. Sarah Palin gets pranked by two Canadian radio comedians. Palin believes she is talking to French President Sarkozy. "Sarkozy" doesn't just ask her if her refrigerator is running. He speaks to her for 5 minutes. She pulls several "Palins," including believing that Sarkozy's wife, who the prankster described as "hot in bed," wrote a song for Palin. The song, which the first said in French, Sarkozy said was "Joe the Plumber," but the actual English translation would be "Lipstick on a Pig." Even Nani's out-of-training ears picked up the word "cochonne" but he read some blogger comments to make sure.

Anyway, enough spoilers. Have a listen:

The best part, for Nani, is when the Sarkozy character lauds the "documentary" he saw about her life, Hustler's "Nailin' Palin." She's so oblivious that she thanks "Sarkozy" and confirms that she knows about the "documentary."

At right is a still frame from the "documentary" about Palin. This is ostensibly where Palin studies up on foreign policy in the case that she'll ever have to do more than see Russia from Alaskan mountains. Priceless.

Another shot from the "documentary" proves the Ruskies are gazing right back through U.S. airspace at those very same Alaskan mountains.

Money quote from Ezra Klein, who also was awestruck by the Palin's "conversation" with Sarkozy:

It's fascinating hearing Palin fall onto sound bites in real time. You have to admire the sort of message discipline that connects the career of Carla Bruni to the second wind of of late campaign tightening. But if she jabs her sound bites in with surprising efficiency, Palin doesn't manage to ask a single question during the whole conversation. She's fully reactive -- starstruck by Sarkozy's call, but nevertheless incurious about anything he could possibly tell her.

Meanwhile that's one seriously incompetent staff she's got. No one thought to call the French Embassy and check this out?

Sarah Palin, Nani loves the fact that you think you can be president someday. That's adorable.

And scary as F

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