Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ohio Driver's Test

Well, after moving to Ohio I had to take the Ohio Driver's written test in order to get an Ohio license. A license from the great Commonwealth apparently carries no weight here. I consider myself a good, though a bit aggressive, driver. I took the written test of 40 questions....I passed with a 75%. Before you judge, here are some questions. Some easy, some ridiculous.

What does this sign mean? (a) a man has died in the street ahead, (b) .... (c)... (d) pedestrian crosswalk, pedestrians have the right away.

I am not kidding...(a) was an actual choice.

When driving with children under the age of 12 in the open bed of a pickup truck what is the maximum speed? (I do not care what the choices are....I will never be in this situation. If I am ever in this situation I would hope the cops pull me over and ask me where I went wrong in life).

After passing I had my picture taken. I ask the girl, after she takes my pic, "how'd it look?" her response, "uh, ok." wow, thanks. after you have been looking at the trash of hamilton county all day long you can't give an average, normal looking person anything better than "uh, ok?" i got my license, and well, i looked like myself....which worries me.

side note, i almost got a speeding ticket on the way home.

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