Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Republican Facebook Status Updates


______________ is drinking vodka and working. Something I won't have to do anymore when I wait for my Obama handout.

______________ is "look you have lots of candy! let me take half of it and give it to the kids too lazy to trick or treat!"

______________ says "And Obama is winning because uneducated fucks don't know any better. "It's cool to vote for Obama!" Too bad I'm an American, and a typical white person, or i might have voted for a marxist/socialist/racist ... i could go on all day"

_____________ is going to be sick. Let's all toss out good judgment and GOOD christian values.

_____________ is thinking about which country he wants to move too now that our next president is unfit to lead.

_____________ is severely depressed and not happy to live under a socialist.

__________ is figuring that Stalin is rolling in his grave in laughter wishing he would have only thought of using smoke and mirrors to lead America to socialism.

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