Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Houston, We've Got A Problem.

This morning, while making my way through My Yahoo! page, my eye was accosted by the following headline from in the Space and Astronomy module:

Spacewalkers Lose Tool Bag During Space Station Lube Job

Um. Ummm.

I know the story itself is far more innocuous than my college-age mind has been led to believe (at least I think so - I didn't want to ruin the moment by actually reading it). But, it was a welcome surprise to find that my decision to include astronomy news in my daily morning read would satisfy my intellectual curiosity as well as my insatiable hunger for silliness. And to the gentleman who penned this headline, I say thank you. You are a scholar, and, at the same time, not. I know you did this on purpose.

As for the story, in my imagination it has a happy ending. The jackass wasn't lost, he just went to the bathroom to finish the job himself.

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Nani J. Cootsack said...

Interesting. But what's more interesting is that you penned your debut piece whilst you should have been helping the Jacksons fend off a 4-3 lead late in the second half - to no avail, we lost 5-4. What's less interesting is that I went back to check the "numbers update" email, and I failed to include you in the list, though you did receive it. If posting this is your way of protesting your lack of inclusion in the roster of the email text field, then I call you a sick fuck.

Either way, welcome to the blog, Senor Canasta. Hopefully your posting rate of once every 4 months will increase.