Monday, November 10, 2008

An Unexpected F*ck Before Work

One of the benefits of waiting around the house every morning to get the Warm Rod on the school bus in the morning is that I get to watch Morning Joe on MSNBC past 8 a.m. I like the show in general, and find it's host, former Republican representative, Joe Scarborough, to be smart and able to stay more-or-less objective in covering and commenting on politics. I respect him for that.

This morning, at 8:13 a.m., Joe was discussing Rahm Emanuel and his infamous potty mouth. While intending to refer to how Emanuel says "Fuck You" at the top of his lungs with the euphemism, "F You," Joe let fly with the actual F-word on live television: Don't believe me? Watch here.

Not that I really think this is going to cost Scarborough his job, but it would be funny if it did for this reason.

Also in the news is the story that Marilyn Manson broke up with his girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood. Wood, it seems is looking for something new, so why not give her her own morning show on MSNBC? In fact, they could call it .......

wait for it .......


Thank you folks, you've been great. I'll be at the Argosy Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana next week, I'd love to see you there. Take care of your bartenders and wait staff....

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