Thursday, November 13, 2008

How much does the liberal media elite love Brett Favre?

Well, I'm watching NFL Network's coverage of the Jets/Patriots game and Leon Washington just returned a kickoff for a touchdown, and he did it without being touched. It was damn impressive.

But the most awesome part of the play, or rather the coverage of the play by NFL Network, was that, as soon as Washington reached the goal line, I got to watch Brett Favre celebrate the touchdown on the sidelines with a bunch of other helmet-less oafs.

In response, the TTT, which always fights for justice through balanced media coverage, is posting the coolest photo of Leon Washington, or of Leon Washington's hot girlfriend (update: the photo at right was actually a Google Image search result, so I went with it), that Nani can find, and the most humiliating one of Favre.

What the F does Favre have to do with anything related to the amazing kick return anyway? Did his locker room presence have enough of an impact on Washington to provide him with an extra boost of speed? Or could it have been Leon Washington's girlfriend who gave him the juice? I'll let the loyal readership of the TTT decide.

Brett Favre is a worthless football player (with regard to this particular play), and Leon Washington, clearly, is a stud. Way to go Leon. Until tonight, I barely knew who you were; now I'm your bloggest fan.

On a side note, Cris Collinsworth, aka Crissy Baby, aka the man who invited me and several of my 6th grade friends to his wedding when we met him at Erlanger's Showcase Cinemas in 1988, did not say a word about the crappy coverage. Crissy Baby, where's your journalistic integrity? Did you leave on my dollar bill that you autographed way back when?

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