Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sarah Palin Files, Pt. 16

If you've heard an unusual sound in the distance (vaguely in the direction of St. Paul, Minnesota), join the club. That sound, by the way, could be accurately described as resembling a bird with a broken wing trying to get off the ground to no avail.

It's called flailing, and that is what Republicans are doing as they attempt to defend the choice of Sarah Palin as John McWack-job's pick for VP.

Here's one example:

Note to the Republican Congresswoman regarding her reference at about the 2:45 mark, "The Democrat nominee ....." : It's the Democrat-ic Party. I have never in my life heard anyone try to demean the Republican party by calling it the Republic Party. She isn't the first Republican to do this, I've heard it elsewhere. It's juvenile, number one; but more than that, it's utterly asinine. So grow up and show some fucking respect.

Example Number 2 (believe it or not, even more pathetic):

Really, it's just sad.

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